Barber Shop Remodel

With a commercial remodeling project, the existing structure is kept in place and a new design is incorporated to create an updated and renovated structure. The time frame for a commercial remodel may also be much shorter than if a new structure is built. This means less down time for the business and fewer costs in the long run. A remodel not only improves the look of the property and allows the business owner to express themselves architecturally, it also increases the value of the property and the business. So call Allen General Contracting Inc.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling can be overwhelming. But Allen General Contracting first class home improvement company, so we’ve perfected the process. Your kitchen gets transformed with less stress, in less time, at an amazing value—so you can finally start enjoying the kitchen you've always wanted.

Basement Remodel

If adding an extension is impractical for you right now, you can still make a conversion in your home that will increase its space and overall dimensions. In this case, you may want to renovate your basement area. Benefits Associated with Basement Finishing By contacting Allen General Contracting in New York City.